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While opening the Market has been the work of Deirdre Kane and Dora Walmsley, we want you to know that this is your corner store. Born from your ideas, and your desire to see this rapidly changing neighborhood maintain its local charm. We responded with what we hope will be a place for neighbors to not only get the basic grocery needs; but also get to know their neighbors. The 52nd Street Market is focused on providing access to nutritiously prepared and preserved foods; staples, such as dairy, eggs and bread; fresh produce; and recycled paper products. Brewed coffee, and limited seating, will be available for neighbors who want to grab a cup and read the paper or chat with a friend.

Hi, thanks for checking out our site.  Well, I guess I am one of those old timers that we are always hearing about when folks are talking about Lawrenceville.  I was born and raised in the 10th Ward and with the exception of a couple years I lived in Morningside and Bloomfield I have lived in Lawrenceville my entire life.  I love this neighborhood and I am super excited to help bring back a once integral part of the community.

Many years ago I started volunteering in Lawrenceville participating in the Lawrenceville United’s monthly clean ups.  I wanted to help make a difference in the community and meet some new friends.   I really enjoyed being part of a group of folks that also knew how great our neighborhood was at the time.  My volunteering expanded into joining committees and getting more directly involved in the transformation of the neighborhood.  Eventually I ended up being voted onto the board of Lawrenceville United in 2009, and have been on the board ever since.  It was my community  involvement that lead directly to the creation of the 52nd Street Market.

Hiya, thanks for checking out what we’re all about! I’m fairly new to Lawrenceville, moving here in Lawrenceville in 2007. While moving into my apartment, I remember a roofer welcoming me to the neighborhood – from there on out, I knew I was home. In 2010, I started working with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank – some newly found free time allowed me to begin volunteering in the community.

I’m a newly elected Board Member of Lawrenceville United, Member of Lawrenceville Hospitality Association, and volunteer with Lawrenceville Organic Community Gardens; all of which have helped solidify my devotion to this part of Pittsburgh! My work with the Gardens led me to Deirdre, whose passion for the place she was born and raised in, only fuels my love further. In 2012, after renting in Central and Lower Lawrenceville, I bought a home in Upper Lawrenceville, with my partner Josh and our dog Lou (he’s white and cranky and you’ll probably see him hanging around, on occasion).

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